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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 10:00 AM

Dual-Stack on SMC D3GCCR and Cisco DPC3939B

Dual-Stack have been enabled on both the SMC D3G CCR and the Cisco DPC3939B..  If you dont have dual-stack reboot your device and the bootfile will enable it..

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8 years ago

Hello jhodge and welcome to forums,


I would like to send a factory rest to your modem to try and get your interface to work properly. This process can take up to 40 minutes to complete. Would you please send a private message with the best time of day to move forward with this trouble shooting?


Thank You

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7 years ago

Comcast_Michael, I've opened almost 20 requests with phone support with tier 2 ignoring me on this same issue. I have a /56 and a Cisco modem, and I can't get any of the subnets assigned to my internal network. What is the point of a /56 when only the first /64 is available, and only on the external interface?

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7 years ago

What is the resolution on this matter? I have a block of 5 ipv4, modem is in so called bridged mode, and for the life of me I cannot get ipv6 through router to lan. I receive address on wan with /128, I get a new prefix assigned to lan with ::/64 but cannot reach internet from any nodes on this prefix. When calling Comcast they tell me to use only ipv4 and they have no knowledge of ipv6 and they were just told to tell customers to use ipv4. I am in need of a dual stack mode with static ipv4 address. What can I do?



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7 years ago

There isn't going to be a resolution for the SMC. Comcast previously announced that they are withdrawing support for IPv6 on the device:


  IPv6 Firmware Rollback on SMCD3GCCR