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Tue, Sep 20, 2022 11:43 PM

Extension stills shows old Call ID name when dialed

I'm an admin for my company's Business VoiceEdge service. Recently, an employee left and we reassigned their number to another employee. I changed the name, the Call ID name, everything. If we dial the direct line number, it shows the new employee's name. But when we dial the extension, it still pops up with the old employee's name on the Call ID.

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13 d ago

@user_2ebba4 thank you so much for your post and for help with the name not updating when a direct extension is dialed. Since you see the correct name when dialing the number directly have you updated the updated profile information associated with the Extension? That is in a different spot from the caller ID information. That link will show you on the left some great options to help manage your Voice Edge services. If you look at the user profile options you can see the name and extension are all listed there and how to update and manage it! See if that page has the new employees' information and if not all it needs is an update and the extension should update for you when dialed directly. Let me know if that helps.