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Unable to "see" my Wireless Parallel Port Device's broadcast after switching to DPC3939B router

I've been scouring the Internet and these forums trying to figure this crazy issue:

I switched to Comcast Business Internet from AT&T DSL.
Prior to the switch all was well as follows:

I have Apple iMac and PC computers in the office with a HP Laserjet 4000 printer. The Laserjet is connected to a Trendnet TEW-P1PG Wireless 1-Port Parallel Print Server.

Prior to the switch, I had to manually assign the Print Server with a manual address.
After the swtich, I've assigned a "RESERVED IP" on the Comcast Admin tool:

  • IPV4 Address
  • MAC Address
  • 00:14: D1:72:16:2D
  • Comments
  • Print Server

the Print Server is now configured to obtain address via DHCP which is no problem, b/c the DPC3939B is assigning it the reserved IP
I've tested it via the Print Server's Web Admin tool and it successfully prints. Also the PCs in the office ALSO print successfully.

What is NOT successful, is trying to add the printer on my iMac. It cannot "see" the Print Server on the network. I have read about other devices/routers that are not compatible with the Bonjour servics, but I am not sure if that is the case here.

My Mac OS is on 10.8.5 with all software updates for that version without upgrading to 10.9 or 10.10.
The Print Server has updated firmware for it's release, so that's up todate.

I just don't know how to get it to see the Print Server. but it was working fine prior to using the CISCO DPC3939B.

Any thoughts?
I would, of course, prefer to resolve with the current equipment and not have to purchase a new print server.


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Re: Unable to "see" my Wireless Parallel Port Device's broadcast after switching to DPC393


Hello Francis and Welcome,


I recommend you try connecting the HP 4K printer directly to one of the DPC3939B LanPorts 1-4 and making sure that the HP 4K's networking environment is programmed to use that ip address. I presume the HP 4K is a network printer and you should be able to run your networking connection software on you PCs to allow them to connect to the HP 4K.


Evidently by the sounds of your post, your looking for wireless network printing, so you will need to program you HP 4K with your DPC3939B private wifi wireless SSID and network pass-key.  This will definitely allow any of your wireless PCs to connect to your HP 4K.


Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Unable to "see" my Wireless Parallel Port Device's broadcast after switching to DPC393


thank you for your response. 


the device (Trendnet TEW-P1PG) is working as usual and I have verified that it does hold the Reserved/assigned IP of and it prints, HOWEVER, the issue is with the DPC3939B because it does not broadcast mUDP messages. 


I've been reading about CISCO products and their integration of Bonjour. 


(NOTE, BTW that from PCs the HP 4K prints, in addition to being able to GOOGLE Print from my iMac. )


So with CISCO DPC3939B, my assessment is that the box does not broadcast mUDP so that it does not clog up the network.


And there is not a feature in the Admin Tool ( that specifically addresses except under the Advanced Settings for "Device Discovery" however, enabling that feature has no effect.


Mind you, that PRIOR to the CISCO DPC3939B, my network setup was IDENTICAL and it was fine. 


Hopefully, someone with knowledge about the unit and it's software architecture or networking protocols can provide some insight. 


Thank you!

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