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Monday, October 9th, 2017 7:00 AM

New charges for Office 365 after being promised "free" subscriptions

Just received an email outlining my new service fees for Office 365 incurred as a result of the migration to MS servers.  Before the transition our company used six free emails.  I was told more than once by Comcast Cloud transition people that with the transition we'd be granted free O365 subscriptions.  I was also told that if we don't use Office 365 I could continue to use other email clients by simply updating my pop settings.  I did so and all was good until today.  Today I was told "no, Office 365 isn't free, why would our person tell you that?".    So now I've had to cancel O365 that I didn't need, Comcast had to credit O365 fees that were charged to my account and now my email doesn't work using the pop settings.  I'm sure it's been totally deactivated as the man in tech support hinted that it would when I spoke with him this am.


This thing has been totally botched by Comcast email transition people.  As recently as this morning the Cloud Services rep told me that O365 should have been free for the six users with email addresses on my account, while the Comcast billing department denied that statement.  Very frustrating morning - now I need to start deleting my existing comcast email accounts entirely from my email client I suppose.  Again, very poorly handled by Comcast and still their depertments are giving me alternative truths!

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7 years ago

Yep, once you cancel the Office365 Online Essentials package, your POP/IMAP e-mail access vanishes instantly.  Happened to me and I was signed up for this about 3 weeks prior to my migration, without my knowledge.  Then I was billed for it about 3 weeks after the migration, not the "1 free month" that was promised.  Nowhere can I find any description of this Online Essentials package to find out what it is, what it does or what are the terms of service.  Like is it month-month or an annual commitment like Microsoft's Online Echange Plan1 is, which seems to be the closest to what this Cloud Solutions package is.



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7 years ago


Good afternoon BruceCampbell and welcome to the business support forums.


I do apologize in regards to your experience with the hex migration over to O365. I would like to review your account and make sure the previous credits you mentioned were applied. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business.