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Wed, Jun 3, 2015 4:00 PM

Static routing to a router: how do I assign the router an ip address?

I have a netgear wireless router attached to my Comcast cable modem.   LAN subnet is 192.168

If I understand the manual correctly, if add static routes to each of these modems, then computers connected wirelessly to the routers can then speak to the computer attached directly to the cable modem, i.e., that 192.168.1.XXX addresses can communicate with 10.1.10.XX addresses.       For example if the printer is attached to the cable modem, and has a 10.1.10.XX address, computers attached wirelessly to the router can access the printer.    Is this correct?


Second, I cannot figure out how to attach the wireless router to a specific 10.1.10 address.    It has presumably been assigned a 10.1.10 address since it's attached to the cable modem, but the netgear router page doesn't specify this address.     Also,  when I look at the connected computers page reached from, the only device that's listed is the desktop computer.     So the question is:   how can I find out the 10.1.10.XX address to which the router is attached?


Thanks very much for any suggestions.



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7 y ago

Hello Leo_Simon and welcome,


Your best network connectivity for your network printer would be to connect it to your netgear wireless router and manually program it to use one of its dynamic IP addresses range like a high one within the 192.168.1.START 192.168.1.END, i.e. the 192.168.1.END. Now, any one of the wireless computers using a 192.168.1.START-END address will now have interconnectivity to your wireless printer as long as you install the network printer drivers onto each of the computers and during this install, if it cannot find your printer then you can simply tell the installation software that it is at address 192.168.1.END. This will allow any computer to have direct access to that network printer as long as the printer is poered up and physically connected to the netgear modem.


Hope this helps you out.