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Fri, Aug 7, 2015 8:00 PM

ICANN Domain Registrant Name Change

Wondering how I come about changing the information that is shown when a 'whois' is performed?  I have the domain name through comcast, but ICANN says I am suppose to request this from the registar.




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6 y ago

So I had luck getting my whois name changed for the reverse DNS of my static IP by emailing . What you are trying to do is slightly different, though I imagine the same email address would be the POC.


If there are any official Comcast employees who would have a better contact for this kind of issue, feel free to mention them. I'm not completely sure myself.



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6 y ago

Hello jsysenkham and welcome,


Comcast is not a website registrar, like GoDaddy,,, etc. Comcast does offer free 3 page websites that mostly use the domain name and this can best be viewed at this link. The is also not at all controlled by Comcast. If you have a Comcast static IP address allocated to any webserver and need to have that Reversed-DNSed implemented this is the means by which you can get register your WHOIS or ICANN domain. This website is usually very helpful for registering domains FAQs that may be Comcast oriented.  I am not  familiar with train_wreck's sending any domain information to  


Hope this helps you out.