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Friday, December 19th, 2014 12:00 PM

My account continues to show 3 email addresses after 1 hour session with support a week ago.

Back in November we added a third email address.  We very quickly decided that the extra 6.99 per month for each new user was the wrong setup for our group.  I called last week or the week before and a very helpful rep worked with me to take the 6.99 off of our December bill.  I can see the credit.

But what I also see is that the account is still showing that we are useing 2 of 3 email accounts.  It should be 2 od 2 and the billing should go back to the basic 69.99 per month.  It looks like I have a zoombie email option which will cost us forever.

How do I get it removed? 


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9 years ago

Hello jasperx and welcome,


I recommend that you call 800391300 and using billng option. Then ask the billing agent tp remove any additional email rate code for 6.99 from your biller.  This will make sure it is permanently removed from your account, and your Business Class Portal will relect this, accordingly.


Hope this helps you out.