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Mon, Jun 29, 2020 11:00 AM

How to login to Modem (Arris 8200)


I use my own modem for Comcast Business. It's from Arris, model SB8200. I used to login to it by using This and does not work anymore. I can login to Arris through But this is not Comcast interface. What am I missing?


Thank you.

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Hello, how are you? I hope your day is going well and my reply reaches you at a good time. My support is limited with owned equipment, but I will be happy to share what comes to my mind. I have a few questions if that's okay. Have you tried logging into your equipment from all devices and if yes, are you experiencing the same issue on all devices? Also, is the issue happening while using a device that is connected with an Ethernet cable? 


If you have reset all your devices. Computers, mobile devices, and your modem/router and the issue is still happening while directly connected with an Ethernet cable it may be worth considering resetting your equipment to factory defaults and setting up your network again. I would only do this as a last resort after trying to call the equipment manufacturer.