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Mon, May 19, 2014 8:00 AM

ActiveSync Connection to my own email server

I am running my own email server and have about a dozen users connecting about 18-20 devices to my mail server using ActiveSync. These users are experiencing intermittent connection problems with our server. I'm not sure if it is the server, the firewall, or the internet connection.


Is anyone having issues with Activesync over Comcast Internet?

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8 y ago

Hello JimBinCT and welcome,


Okay so your have 12 users that have 18 - 20 devices connected to you email server, so this means that max-out point is between  216 and 240 devices. So, the Comcast Gateway DHCP Server provides to, which equals 189 dynamic IP address maximum. So, this might be one root cause of your intermittent access.


Could you share some your additional network Email Server interconnection information and tell us if you are using a staticIP address, etc. Also, if you are not using a static IP address, does you email server have an inherent DHCP server that your access clients use?


Look forward to hearing from you to further assist.