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Thursday, October 17th, 2019 8:00 AM

Content Filtering doesn't work?

I've gone and blocked every version of the urls for Youtube I can think of and I am still able to reach Youtube's page.


Why don't the content filters work?



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5 years ago

I appreciate you reaching out about this. I realize that running a business productivity is key and I've definitely been guilty of wasting hours, lost in YouTube playlists and wouldn't want my employees doing that! Are you trying to configure the filtering through WiFi Pro or SecurityEdge? The links below will walk you through both, but please let me know if those aren't what you need.


Manage Comcast Business SecurityEdge settings 


Configure content filtering for your Business WiFi Pro network 



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2 years ago

I am a "Comcast Business" customer, but not a "Comcast Business Wifi Pro" or "Comcast Business SecurityEdge" customer.

On the Comcast Business Gateway web page, there is the function "Content Filtering >> Managed Sites".

But it doesn't work.

I am still able to access the website I configured on the list of "Blocked Sites".

Does the plain Comcast Business Gateway support this feature?




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The following will provide some additional details about how blocking works. 

Web site blocking

The gateway provides a variety of options for blocking Internet-based content and communications services. With its content-filtering feature, the gateway can prevent objectionable content from reaching your PCs. You can set up to 10 rules.

Key content-filtering options include:

  • Blocking access from your LAN to Internet locations that contain key words that you specify.
  • Blocking access to Web sites that you specify as off-limits by URL.

Setting Up Web Site Blocking

You can block Web sites based on a key word or a specific Web site address. For example:

  • If you enter “,” only that address is blocked; if you enter only “example,” then all Web addresses containing that word are blocked (e.g.,,,
  • If the key word “.com” is specified, only Web sites with other domain suffixes (such as .edu or .gov) can be viewed.
  • Enter the key word “.” to block all Internet browsing access.

To set up Web site blocking:

  1. Check Enable Web Site Blocking.
  2. In the New Key Word/URL field, enter either the full Web site address or enter a key word.
  3. Select Add. The key word or Web site address will appear in the Blocked Key Words/URLs list.

To remove entries from the list:

Highlight the entry you want to remove and select remove, or clear the entire list by selecting clear list.


If you need more assitance I would like to look at your account and equipment specific details. Please send us a direct message with your full name, business name, full address, and phone number. By clicking the "direct messaging" icon in the upper right page of our forum page. Once you click on that, input our shared handle (Comcast Business) to send us a private message.• Click "Sign In" if necessary

• Click the "Direct Message" icon in the top right corner

• Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon

• The "To:" line prompts you to "Type the name of a person". Instead, type "Comcast Business" there

• - As you are typing a drop-down list appears. Select "Comcast Business" from that list

• - An "Comcast Business" graphic replaces the "To:" line

• Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window

• Press Enter to send it



I no longer work for Comcast.

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I sent some direct messages but didn't see any reply.

What's the office hour of the direct message service?


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9 months ago

I've tried enabling content filtering an added a website to my comcast business modem/router

i'm still able to visit the site.

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I have the other extreme @user_fbfb95, which is a site being blocked that I specified to be allowed, yet....still blocked within Security Edge.  See my original post here: