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Thursday, September 21st, 2017 8:00 PM

Can't access public wifi hotspots with business account anymore

This worked until about a month and a half ago.

Now when i log into public xfinity wifi hotspots, it tells me "your internet service is not active", and offers to let me sign in with a different user.


I suspect this is related to the fact that i linked my current account to an existing username (whose primary location no longer has internet), and it's not checking to see whether any of the locations on the account have internet serrvice, only whether the primary location has internet service.


How can i get this fixed?


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7 years ago

I think, hotspots can be used with XFinity account.  :S  

You can examine here




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7 years ago

Hi ROUTER and welcome to the support forums.


You can also access XFINITY hotspots with your Comcast Business Class login credentials.  Here's a link with more information: Please let me know if you need anything.