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Thu, Oct 15, 2020 5:00 PM

Deleting Mass Voicemails using Website

In the old voiceedge portal, you could at least delete 10 voicemails at a time. The current portal only allows you to delete ONE at a time, which is incredibly frustrating and time consuming. Especially when the portal is very slow, taking up to 20-30 seconds between delete.


There should be an option to select all voicemails displayed (usually it's 10 at a time) as well as an option (with safety prompt) to be able to select all voicemails to delete.


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4 months ago

I appreciate the feedback on this CDE, we understand how beneficial it would be to have a bulk Delete option and will continue to pass this input along. You can also reference this thread which addresses this issue and has a link for management of voicemail services too.