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Wed, Jul 4, 2018 7:00 AM

Anyone found a Busylight for use with the softphone of PC.

I need a Busylight for my team. 

Like this...



We are using wireless Plantonics W440 and the Comcast softphone on our PC's. Problem is no one call tell when your on a call.

Has anyone found a solution other than pointing at the headset when someone tries to talk to you mid-call?




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3 years ago



Thanks for your question on the busy light feature. This would be headset dependent as each headset is different. I would suggest checking with Plantronics to see if anything is offered with a busy light indicator on their headsets. Please also make sure this is compatible with Polycom phones. 


Let me know if you need anything.



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2 years ago

If you use S4B you can use the busylight with the Voiceedge companion