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Mon, Jan 11, 2016 2:00 AM

Phone isn't working

The light for line 1 isn't on.  There isn't a dial tone.  I've reset the box to no avail. 




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6 y ago

Hello Michaela and welcome,


If you have an ARRIS  TM60X Telephone modem, you should try to deress the little back reset button on the back of this modem for at least 10 seconds and see if your dial tone returns and your phone then operates correctly. If not then you will need to call 800-391-3000, using the digital voice technical service option, then explain the issue you are still havinf to the techical agent and he/she will get it resolved on a definitive basis for you.


Hope this helps you out,

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2 m ago

If that does not work and your phone is not working then what? Live chat is unavailable and no way to email Comcast because the Comcast web sight does not offer this feature. Still need help with my phone service. Open to suggestions.....

Now what?

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Hello @, thank you for posting to our business forums. We have employees here on the forums who are staffed 24-hours who can assist to the best of their ability. If you ever need help, click the chat button to start a peer-to-peer communication, or visit here . In the 'to' area, please address your message to 'Comcast Business' and an available employee will assist.