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Fri, Nov 12, 2021 3:49 PM

Caller ID not working on incoming calls to line 1 of 4

I have four business lines, all of which have caller ID enabled. For about a year caller ID on line 1 has not worked. When I receive a call, it doesn't give the phone number or any sort of message about the incoming caller. I've tried resetting the modem, restarting the phones, etc, but caller ID still doesn't work for line 1. It works for all other lines, and I've double checked to make sure it's still activated on line 1.

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6 m ago

Hello, @user_6677f4 Welcome to our Comcast Business support Forum page. Very sorry to hear that one of your four lines is not showing caller ID on incoming calls. I can imagine that would be very frustrating. Let's take a closer look. Please send us a direct message with your business name, address, and your name to assist!


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