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robbiestewart89Joined August 20th, 2022 1:41 PM

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Whilst I'm currently a customer on the Comcast Xfinity residential side, I do have several family members and friends who are clients of the Comcast Business Class side. Because I support them as well as the residential ones, Comcast has allowed me to create this profile to assist business customers with technology issues in what ever way possible. Although it has always been a dream of mine to work at Comcast, I am not currently an employee of Comcast. My presence on this forum is my choice. The maker gave me this knowledge for a reason and that is to help others and pass on my knowledge of technical issues. Per the rules of both the Xfinity Residential and Comcast Business Class forums, please do not PM me with questions. Start a topic on the forum instead so others, besides myself, can assist you.

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