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Cisco DPC3941B - no longer supported?


Cisco DPC3941B - no longer supported?

OK, hoping someone from Comcast will chime in.


Brand new customer (as in less-than-one-month), with a "new" Cisco Business Wireless Gateway deployed by the installer.


It's been giving me grief at a hardware level, unable to assign /view DHCP, multiple T3 Gateway timeouts, etc. so I went searching for solutions.


I found two items of interest on the Cisco main site (where the business devices list Comcast Business Devices points me).

One is fairly old, but alludes to multiple reports of the same issue I see here in the forums:

DHCP Devices not visible


The other is even older, but really leaves me wondering as it was a result of a search for "DPC3941B" via the Cisco site.  This modem is considered a "Residential Video Gateway" and the Support site page for those (where I was looking for possible firmware release notes, etc.) goes to this link:

Video Connected Devices


From the Technicolor site, I see that these devices have not been "in support" since mid-2016 (presuming they're the same??  Hard to tell...)


and that the latest devices are definetely no longer made by Cisco: Techicolor Cable Modems.


So, what's the real answer?  No idea.


What I do know is that apparently the modem deployed to me is either no longer made or supported by Cisco (therefore "New-Old-Stock?) and seems to have multiple reported issues that are not being addressed due to the lack of technical support by Cisco.


Any thoughts from the Community?  Comments or brickbats from Comcast?  Did I completely miss something due to a re-issue of model number and it really is still supported by the manufacturer?

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Re: Cisco DPC3941B - no longer supported?

Hi evazquez00 and welcome to the business forums.


i would like to assist with the issues you're having with your gateway. Please private message me your full name, the full service address and the phone number associated with the account.

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