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That monstrous early termination fee

That monstrous early termination fee

Hello all. I work from home in Texas. I'm in the oil industry/finance, so I need super-reliable for both phone and Internet, particularly the latter as the applications I use are data-heavy (financial information and whatnot). Alas, Comcast Business did not satisfy. I could regularly count on three or four "hiccups" per day in which I would lose connectvity (which means phone conversations would be cut off -- talk about unprofessional) and incfedibly slow Internet. particularly when it rains. Comcast was unable to address, other than promising they would "fix the nodes" in my area. 

I got fed up with it and called to cancel. The unpleasant customer service rep, who kept trying to keep me on the service -- not to mention condescending comments like, "I have a lot of customers who are happy with the service," as though all users are equal and have the same requirements as me -- told me there would be an early termination fee of $1600. 

This strikes me as completely ridiculous considering the reason for the termination is Comcast's inabilty to deliver the service that I need and that I contracted for. I would appreciate any advice and suggestions on how to resolve this in a mutally acceptable way, before I go through the trouble of complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the local news stations and a consumer complaint through the Attorney General of Texas. 

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Re: That monstrous early termination fee

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It is regretful to hear about your experience with your services and the issues you encountered. I would like to have your billing concerns reviewed. Please DM me your full name, the full service address and the phone number associated with the account. 

Re: That monstrous early termination fee

A Comcast representative contacted me. His attitude was "tough sh*t" -- I'm liable to buy out the remaining portion of my "contract" with Comcast, since they don't have a record of outages that are Comcast's fault. I'll also note that the contract Comcast alleges I signed mention both a two-tear and a three-year term. Of course, since this is Comcast, a $80 billion company and I'm just a small business nobody, they're going to hold me to whatever gets them the most money. 

That I'm disguted beyond belief with this company is putting it mildly. I plan to file complaints with the FCC, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of Texas. 

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