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Help Merging accounts

Quick background - I am a work at home employee. Orginally my company paid my internet. Beginning 2012 they switched and negotiated business class internet pricing that would be paid by the associate. Thus I have a National Account with that. After having many issues with AT&T phone I decided to add a comcast phone. At the time comcast gave me a small business account for that. I have paying 2 bills. This month I decided it was time to upgrade the internet and the way to get the best pricing is to bundle. No problem. I was told that internet would be added to phone account and internet account closed.


I am still showing both accounts active. I since realize that there is an issue as one account is National and thus a different team than the small business account. When I call the customer service number I get passed around and place on hold only to be told that they will have to get me to the correct department.


Can someome tell me who I can contact to get this straightened out?


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