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Auto Pay not Auto Paying

I signed up for auto pay the first week of March. I have now received notice that my second bill is ready since setting up auto pay. Apparently I now owe 2 months worth of service because my bill is not being auto paid. When I go to manage auto pay preferences, it says my bill is scheduled to be auto paid on the 21st of each month. So why is this not happening. I am very timely when it comes to paying bills, so I do not appreciate that this malfunction of your auto pay system makes it look like I slacked on paying last month's bill. What gives Comcast? Also, I can't even view my bill. It keeps saying error.

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Re: Auto Pay not Auto Paying

Hello Elizabeth and welcome,


I am sorry that your Comcast Auto-Pay (CAP) has not yet been processing. This usually takes between 4-6 weeks after initial setup before the auto-pay actually starts processing. So, by the mid-April timeframe you should be fine and if not, you should contact a billing agent @ 800-391-1000 option 2 to verify that your biller account show you are auto-pay payment method activated.  You can pay your bill on the IVR same contact TN but use option 3 for direct access. Also, you should be able to pay your bill on the Comcast Business Class Portal by activating your account using 

Activate your Comcast Business online account .


As far as not being able to view your bill where " It keeps saying error ", if you are receiving this error due to not having your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) 4 digit security pin, that should have been sent to your service or billing address about 7 business days after you were installed, you should also contact a billing agent, as specified above, to resend your CPNI securiity pin.


Hope this helps you out.   

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