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Sunday, February 15th, 2015 8:00 AM

Unable to edit website

Mostly because I havent gotten any help on this, I'm going to post again.


I have 1 Registered Domain, and when i click manage websites, on the next page there is no edit website link, just edit/manage Domain. I've never been able to access Website Builder. Never even had the option. Had the service for over a year.



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9 years ago

Hello rwhardin and welcome,


Please check out the following available links that may be helpful towards website development:

Build Your Own Website


6 Steps to BUilding a Web Presence


Learn About Sire Promotion


Troubleshoot Website Publishing



The above assumption is that your are looking fir information for your free 3 page website. If you have brought in a website that is larger than the starter 100MB, then you need to check out Upgrade or Change your Webhosting Package . 


Hope this helps you out.