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Monday, October 2nd, 2017 3:00 PM

unable to cancel cloud web hosting that I never signed up for

On September 27 I received an email that my cloud services portal had been migrated. I do not subscribe to any Comcast cloud solutions, so this came as quite a surprise to me.


Upon further checking, you added Cloud Web Hosting services to my account on September 27th (and added it to by bill) without my consent! I never subscribed to cloud web hosting.


I have been trying unsuccessfully to get this cancelled and removed from my account since September 28.


Nobody answers at the Cloud Solutions support number, and the mailbox to leave a message was full. The main support number for comcast businessclass says I have to talk to Cloud Solutions and transfers me back to the nubmer with the full mailbox.


I spoke to someone in Cloud Sales who was supposed to put in a cancellation request to his supervisor, but it hasn't happened yet.


The Cancel button in the Cloud Solutions portal doesn't work. It says my cancellation request has been submitted for processing, but doesn't actually cancel anything.


An autoreply from the Cloud Solutions e-mail account says you are are out the office until October 16 and will return my email then.


This is all completely unacceptable. How can I contact someone to get this service removed from my account? I never signed up for it, it was added without my permission, and I'm certainly not going to pay for it.





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7 years ago

Welcome to the club.  I also had the service/subscription added to my cloud solutions account without my knowledge along withe Office 365 Online Essentials package.  I cancelled the essentials package right away but never got a refund.  So far I don't think I've been charged for the Web Hosting package yet. 


How these clowns are able to sign up customers for services without their knowledge or permission is beyond me.  The first I learned of my cloud solutions subscriptions was when I received an e-mail thanking me for my payment!!!!  This is no way for a reputable company to treat it's customers IMHO.


I sent in an e-mail to the Cloud Solutions support e-mail address and got a similar reply.  Looks like a new name on the automatic reply from before.  I guess Linda must have jumped ship and left Diana to handle the barage of complaints coming in.  Really awesome Business Class support there: "I am out of the office from 9/28/17 through 10/16/17 with no access to e-mails. I will respond to your emails once I return on 10/17/2017. For immediate assistance please contact the Cloud Desk at 855-867-5010 Option 2."


What a joke!



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7 years ago

Hi kmr.


I would like to assist with your request on Cloud services. Please private message me your account number, the name of your business and best contact number. 

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7 years ago

Same here.  I have had 2 ticket numbers to change this.  What is worse is a salesperson Jeffery Sullivan, told me I woould not be charged for any cloud services.  I signed a new contract with no stipulation for any charges of cloud services.


And this is exactly why I was told I am being charged.  Since my contract had nothing about cloud or eamil services, I had to pay.  My contract is a business account and it states notheing about Cable TV services or HD equipment, but they are not charging for those yet!


I have spent hours trying to get this resolved.  I have a ticket number CR750101761, but it does not good.  Actually, the email address to the salesman is


If you have a moment, please send him some email soap to wash out his mouth.