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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 6:00 AM

Difficulty upgrading from Basic to Business Plan

While I have used the upgrade procedure and the page now shows I am subscribed to the Business plan, the upgrade has not "taken". Speaking to Comcast Business Internet support results in advice to contact the hosting provider's support department. The hosting people point me back to Comcast support. It is the classic "multi-vendor finger pointing excercise".


Everyone is polite and wants to be helpful.


Performing the upgrade is supposed to push the hosting plan choice over to the hosting infrastructure. It is difficult to locate the person who has the capability to assure the transfer has taken place, and the general solution of, "we will open a tier 2 ticket" is not terribly satisfying.


The other odd thing, is that the Mywebsite Business page says, "25  Total free SiteBuilder pages" which does not seem to match the specifications for any of the plans. Either the plan descriptions are not accurate, or I am lost in zombie-land.





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9 years ago

Hello douglas_goodall and welcome,


You need to contact 800-391-3000, use the technical high speed internet option, then ask the technical agent to check your account biller to make sure that your business webhosting rate code has been pushing in. If it has not then he can perform a Change Of Service to get this done for you. As long as you followed these webhosting upgrade instructions, you should be good to go. 


Hope this helps you out.