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Mon, Dec 11, 2017 1:00 PM

Cloud I never signed up for and what good is a Comcast Contract anyway

My company has 2 people.  2 email addresses.  I was told I could not get email without cloud servces, but I wouldn't be charged since we only have the need for 2 emails.  Well, Comcast is requiring me to have 2 more, but not for me.  One is because the need an administrator and another is for them to contact me.


I have had 2 ticket numbers to change this.  What is worse is a salesperson Jeffery Sullivan, told me I would not be charged for any cloud services.  I signed a new contract with no stipulation for any charges of cloud services.


And this is exactly why I was told I am being charged.  Since my contract had nothing about cloud or eamil services, I had to pay.  My contract is a business account and it states notheing about Cable TV services or HD equipment, but they are not charging for those yet!


I have spent hours trying to get this resolved.  I have a ticket number CR750101761, but it does not good.  Actually, the email address to the salesman is


If you have a moment, please send him some email soap to wash out his mouth.


I guess Comcast is now in MIcrosoft's pocket.  I have grown weary and I can assure you the next time a contract has to be done it will cover EVERYTHING.  It will state exactly what I am buying and state everything I am not buying.  It will certainly be a large problem with the next salesperson, but sometimes you just have to stick by principle.



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Hace 4 año


Hi Nipper and welcome to the business forums.


I do apologize to hear about your experience. I would like to assist with your email issue. Please private message me your full name, the full service address and the phone number associated with the account.



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Hace 4 año

I had a similar problem where we were signed up for services we never asked for. We verbally agreed to $200 a month for internet and voice service. We moved to a new building and they issued us a $2,000 early termination fee even though we were transferring the service and not terminating our use of Comcast. We agreed to 3 phone lines and they added 5 more lines. When I saw this, I called and asked for them to fix this issue, i.e., remove the 5 lines. They still continue to charge us $550 extra for these lines, even though I have emails where I never agreed to this. We have called more than 10 times to try to resolve this matter; yet, they continue to insist we owe them more than $2,000 for only 2 months of service and $500 for phone lines we never asked for. We never cancelled, but just asked to transfer the service to our new locations which included our original lines and service. This is clearly fraud and exploitation of small business owners. I am clearly disappointed and strongly encourage everyone to consider a different provider for internet and voice.  It is sad to see such a large corporation exploit small business owners.