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Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 5:24 PM


Streaming channels do not work

I pay for extended sports channel programming in order to provide as many NCAA and especially SEC  sports programs as possible for my restaurant clientele. The first problem I had was during the college baseball season when we were supposed to get games on SEC+ streaming services, but the channels never load and the screen eventually says something to the effect of "Sorry this program is not currently available. Please try again later." We missed entire baseball games during the SEC tournament due to this issue. 

Fast forward to the first weekend of the college football season and the same thing happened again. I had actually called Comcast to make sure we had the channel that was going to stream the game. I was told "Yes, you are all set and the game will be available to you on your current TV package." We planned and promoted a "Season Opener Party" for the first game of the season and guess what? The promos worked. We had a full restaurant for the game. Then as the game started the channel would not load and play. Got the same message on the screen as before. "Programming unavailable, try again later." We never did get the game to play. All my customers left and went somewhere else. 

Why am I unable to receive the channels I pay for? I have a neighbor that is a restaurant and they have the same sports package as we do, and they had no problems getting the channel that I do not get. I have called in several times but no one ever has a solution. They just want to reboot the system, and ask for serial numbers off of TV boxes that are very inconvenient for me to access. Then after all the stupid questions, and pointless rebooting the programming still does not work. I have lost a lot of business because of this issue. I would rather not hire an attorney to solve the issue of paying for a service that I never seem to get in return. 

Why are we unable to stream games on SEC/ESPN + ???????

If I have a restaurant full of people leave again because of this issue, I will be forced to hire an attorney to rectify the situation. The damage has already been done anyway. None of the individuals that were here for the last TV fiasco will rely on us to have the games. I sure wouldn't if I were them. 

Does someone have a mailing address for the Comcast Business legal department? I need to send them a letter.

P.S. I forgot to mention that this error also occurred on the NBC streaming channel for the Notre Dame game last weekend. I think it the Peacock channel or something. We get the same message for that channel as well. "The program is not available. Please try again later."

If someone came into my business and paid me a large sum of money to provide food and drink and I took the money and the  told them the services would be provided at the time of my convenience and maybe never, I would get sued. Why is this any different?

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2 years ago



We do not have a mailing address available, however our Legal Response Center has a direct line at 866-947-8572 who can further assist.

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2 years ago

Hello, @user_d1dac8! I'm sorry to hear about any issues being experienced when trying to access the contents of your service package. We can absolutely look into this for you and see if we can things back on track. Please send me a Direct Message and we can get started.


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