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Monday, March 23rd, 2015 12:00 PM

Norton Business Suite

I am a long-time user of Norton Business Suite, provided through Comcast.  The Comcast web site says that existing users can continue to use or switch to the Norton Internet Security product.


Today, the computers on which we run the Business Suite came up with error messages.  According to the message, the service was cancelled.  I called Comcast, which said the problem was Symantec's, and I needed to get a new activation code from Symantec. 


Symantec said they had a database problem, while doing maintenance, and that a number of Comcast customers lost service as a result.  Symantec said that I have to get a new code from Comcast.  But the Comcast site will not provide codes to "new" users of the Business Suite product.


I am caught in a loop between Symantec and Comcast, and neither has been of any help in getting my program back into service.


After spending more than two hours on the issue, I am frustrated with both companies' "support."  Anyone have an idea of how to recover and get the program running again?

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9 years ago

Hello ihschwartz and welcome,


I had this happen to me on my personal computer and please try the following:

1. when Norton comes up with the window that asks you for your pass key, then bring up Windows Explorer and search the C: drive for *norton*


2. If you see a *norton*.txt file open it up and see if it contains your pass key that looks like [12345678].


3. Select on the digits inside the elbow brackets and  paste this into the Norton activation passkey window box.


Hope this helps you out.