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Monday, August 17th, 2015 10:00 PM

Transferred Service from one physical location to another can no longer manage e-mail accounts

​I physically moved accross town and transferred service to the new location.  During the move I was given a new account number.  Both account numbers are visbile under my login/control panel.  The new account number shows two email addreesses available to setup but does not show the old addreesses.  I can no longer manage my two old addresses.  Is there a way to have the old addresses linked to the new account number so I can manage them?  Both accounts are still working and are hosted on Comcast Exchange.​

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8 years ago

Hello csweeney and welcome,


Please try to register your new account business class portal (bcp) using your same email addresses. This usually works if your new account services have already been installed.


If you have any issues whatsoever, just call 800-391-3000, using the highspeed internet technical option and have the technical agent generate a Tier 2 ticket to disable your old account number bcp and move your email addresses over to your new account bcp. 


Hope this helps you out.