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Tue, Aug 26, 2014 10:00 AM

Re: SPAM Filter again not working

I've had a similar issue with a huge flood of e-mail starting a couple of months ago.  I use the Comcast supplied version of Office 2007 Outlook and it does a pretty good job of moving the spam to the junkmail folder.  I've managed to block a lot of it and even shut a couple spammers down by reporting them to their domain registrar.  The biggest continuing problem is spam from the .eu top-level domain.  Outlook does not have this domain as one that can be blocked in its list.  I have tried to add it directly to my e-mail account at Comcast, but can't find a format that the Comcast e-mail web page will accept.  Can someone tell me how to use the "block domain" feature on the Comcast web site to block all e-mail from the .eu top level domain?



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8 y ago

Hello CD and welcome,


The only way to Block Emails is from within the Manage Email environment, then click on Black Email. Edit and then add the entire email address that you want to block.  Unfortunately this facility doe not allow wildcards like *.eu, which I will admit is rather bizzarre. 


Hope this helps you out.