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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 11:00 AM

Re: Changing email address on account

Jon or whomever,

I have a women in the office who has gotten married. How do I change her email address from jsmith to jjones?



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9 years ago

Hello darcher and welcome,


The easiest way to handle this is to delete jsmith email address then add a new jjones email address. If jsmith is using Outlook on her computer with email address jsmith, then she should first export her jsmith ( using this example ) folders, global address list, etc., then uninstall Outlook 2010, reboot computer, then log into her Business Class Portal OWA email account, then re-download the Outlook 2010 with you new jjones email account, then inport her *.pst file from the export, and she should be up and running just like jsmith was only like jjones.


Hope this helps you out.



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9 years ago

Hello darcher,


I would add the following VBSSP-RICH's post.

1. Inform all of her contacts of her email address name change, so it will reduce the chance they will send their messages to the wrong address.

2. As in VBSSP, please make to back up all the email account information.


Thank you