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Thursday, November 16th, 2017 8:00 PM

Migration is a DISASTER, need some real help not a script reader

This o365 migration has been my worst experience in 20 years in IT.  The cord was simply pulled on our previous email server.  We got the accounts moved to the new platform but none of our contacts, old emails, or calendars have been migrated.  When I call the migration line they essentially tell me to just wait some undefined period of time--as if that will do any good.  Of course nothing happens, and its an hour on hold each time I have to call in, to not be helped each time I call.  After an entire day without email access it is now day 3 without our old emails and no one can answer me for status.  I have been promised an escalation two days in a row, and no surprise I never receive a call back.  This is a joke, absolutely zero respect for my time or business.  HOW DO I GET AHOLD OF SOMEONE WHO A) CARES AND B) HAS SOME ABILITY TO HELP ME?????


I am beyond frustrated and need an escalation to someone who can get this done, I have way too many hours into this fiasco.

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I have replied to your private message. Please send a response there.