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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 6:00 PM

Help with migrating email accounts to CC Exchange (existing domain)

I am assisting a company in migrating their entire corporate Internet presence to Comcast business servers.


There are a dozen existing POP email boxes and a Web site (hosted elsewhere), and all linked to an existing domain.


There can be no interruption in either email or Website access throughout the transistion.


Can I just add all email accounts to the exchange server like this:


And when we move the domain to point to Comcast servers, will the email convert to:


How does this work?


Thanks in advance!





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8 years ago

Hello MSByte and welcome,


If you add whatever quantity of email addresses and then download a free copy of client or WEB Outlook 2010 from your Business Class Portal (BCP) for each of those BCP emails, then the Outlook setup should be automatic.  However, just in case you should log into the BCP administrator's ( email account, then under Manage Email, then click on View DNS Settings (VDS). This VDS link will provide you a copy (recommend you make a hardcopy immediately for reference and verification) of all the actual POP(incoming) , SMTP(outgoing), Exchange (incoming/outgoing), email server addresses that you should be using.  This should enable you to achieve your objective.


Hope this helps you out.