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Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 7:00 AM

Exchange security (certificate) issue

On our Android and OSX devices, we are getting error messages in the mail applications: "Couldn't open connection to server due to security error."  I think the certificate has expired.  The last emails downloaded are from 2/15.  Outlook seems to be fine, still able to send & receive.  Any ideas? 


We configure through on our domain 



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8 years ago

Hello morinfamilylaw and welcome,


It appears below that your Domain zone file is using out-dated MX records if your are using The w14d signifies that your are using new 2010 email servers. Therefore, you need to log into the business class portal administrator email account, then go to Manage Services.Email, click on View DNS Settings and in here is where you will find the new MX records and all Outlook email setting that should be utilized. Make sure that your zone file contains the updated MX records and your Outlook users email settings are also updated accordingly.


Hope this helps you out.



CNAMENo CNAME record found.