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Monday, April 13th, 2015 10:00 AM

Exchange connections not working DNS failing


We are having issues with Outlook connections to Exchange. I am unable to resolve the DNS server entries externally or internally on our network to the Exchange servers listed in our account profile in Outlook. I can use nslookup to or other public DNS, and it doesn't resolve to an address.


Our Mailbox server autoconfigured in Outlook is this:

(does not ping or resolve)


In OWA, which does work, it shows this server:

(does not ping or resolve)


I called Comcast business support, the rep told me I can only use Outlook proviced from the Comcast portal, and without that she cannot help me.  We have Office 2013 installed, which already has Outlook.  She also told me our server is this:


Which of course, doesn't ping or resolve.  


Wemail works, calls to comcast don't help, any help here is appreciated.  I really need to deal with a higher level support tech that understands what DNS is and Exchange basics.  Thanks for any help.




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9 years ago

Hello greg_the_geek and welcome,


First, log into your Business Class Portal (BCP) adminiistrator email address account, then click on Manage Services.Email, View DNS Settings. This is where you will find your echange server email address and your BCP Outlook email accounts MUST use this to operate correctly.


Hope this helps you out.