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Thursday, March 13th, 2014 8:00 AM

email address is already registered


I am setting up some Exchange Users and Mailboxes to prepare for migrating from my self-hosted SBS Exchange server to Hosted Exchange on Comcast.

I'm waiting for verification of domain ownership, using DNS tool, and the CName alias. So this may be part of the problem, but I cant be sure...


Comcast has already enabled the domain name, giving me the domain name in the address configuration addition to the [domainName]

So I'm trying to add a new user, and then the email account for new Exchange, but when I get to the end of the steps, the error is "that email address is already registered. Please select another email address".


Is this telling me that I should wait for things to show up? But I never get a confirmation screen.

How can this address be registered, if I have't gotten to a confirmation of the registration screen?

Here is the screen where I'm stopped.

Thanks for help,


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9 years ago


It took a week for the domain to get under the umbrella. (Add CNAME to DNS zone file. Finally took a 2.5 level tech to finish the job...I had done everything right, something got stuck). I can't change too much, while the old MX record is "live"...these folks have mail being delivered to their original server.


I am adding users to this "new" domain, in preparation for moving mailboxes (export/import PST), and finallychanging the MX records.

Curiously, I have now been able to add "SteveK" to the "new" domain, but now I am getting the same error msg (already registered), for the next mailboxes that I need to create.


I am adding new users as the Admin User. The new users I am adding will not have such Admin or Billing permissions.


This is very strange.

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9 years ago

I am now trying to add two new users into my account.

During this process, I have an error message stating that the E-Mail address I selected is already registered and select the other.

However, it should not be right, because this is my first attempt to add new users with those addresses.


I am very much confused and do not know how to resulve this issue.

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would avdise me with how you resulved your issue / what I should do.


( I think Frontier is much easier to handle / manage with. )


Thank you.



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9 years ago

Hello rossp and welcome,


I believe you domain has not yet been put un the Comcast umbrella, if you will. I base the on the following from public Domain query / lookup:

CNAMENo CNAME record found.
PTRNo PTR record found.
2014031501 28800 7200 604800 3600


The above implies to me that this domain still needs MX, CNAME, PTR, and NS the following Comcast record addresses:

NS - and/or


MX - will start with mq01 / mq02 / mx01

The following DNS info source is where some of the above was accessed. The non-Comcast record(s) type(s) address(es) could also contribute to your email issue. However, I did notice in your "   " that the user permissions = service user and this means that you are not adding, changing any email address unless you have Administrator privilidges.


Hope this helps you out.