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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 11:00 AM

Will Comcast announce a /48 that I own for me?

Hi there...


Short of calling Comcast Support I am not sure where to ask this question.


We own the smallest IPv6 allocation available - a /48 - from ARIN.  We also have an ASN though honestly we do not need to do BGP.  Basically we just need someone to announce the /48 globally for us.  


We have two different ISPs in our data center colocation and I have no doubt the other ISP - a much smaller regional outfit that provides the colo - could do it but I'd prefer doing it via Comcast if possible, though if it comes down to it I can certainly pursue it with the local ISP.


What would be the process to do this?  Is there a best contact point for Comcast support to pursue this option?  





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6 years ago


Hi boethius.


I would like to verify your static block. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business.