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Friday, January 3rd, 2014 2:00 PM

Is anyone actually coordinating the Comcast IPv6 trials?

I signed up for the IPv6 trials in May of last year.


I received a router with no instructions in August of last year.  I immediately called Comcast and asked for IPv6 trial support, and was told to do nothing with the router until I received instructions.


In November of last year, I received an email asking me to try the router and take a survey.  Still with no instructions, I called again and was told that the router should have included instructions from the beginning, and was given a link to instructions on the Internet.  I installed the router.


I received an IPv4 IP address, but still nothing on IPv6.  When I go to, I see:

   Your IP address is

   Your CMTS is not supported at this time. - See more at:


For several weeks, I stopped receiving the IPv4 address as well, and the router was useless.  I emailed support, but they didn't respond.  Eventually IPv4 started working again but still nothing on IPv6.



I've emailed Comcast support, and they don't respond.  I see that Comcast has full support for IPv6 in Kansas, which I am sure the corn fields appreciate, but in Miami, hub of Central and Latin American commerce, nada.  I'd really like to get some actual experience working with IPv6 before my clients, but it's a little difficult when Comcast has press releases saying that they support IPv6 back in 2011, but here I am in 2014, a member of the IPv6 trials, and still nothing.


I should also mention that in all this time, other than the one survey request, I've received absolutely no correspondence from Comcast updating me on the status of this trial.


If anyone at Comcast involved with the IPv6 trials can send me some useful information, my email address is:


byron AT bsjconsulting DOT com


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10 years ago

The CMTS your on is not supported at this time..  We do have the trials on-going right now but not much to report..