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Tue, Jun 23, 2020 7:00 PM

IPV6 routing broken following package upgrade

I recently upgraded my contract that included a new  modem. The entire experience end-to-end has been a nightmare. The purpose of this post is to, along with many others, to let anyone else know thinking of voluntarily upgrading their bandwith and contract to support it, not to if you have IPV6 PD deleegation working and using IPV6 to access the public network and need it. Need it or not, its supposed to work. It doesnt and its Comcast's issue.


I've have IPV6 PD working behind my old Netgear gateway since January 2014 until 6/9 when a service appointment upgraded my gateway to a DPC3939B. As I said the entire process here has been a nighmare. Starting with the technician onsite at my location all the way through my most recent call to support yesterday.


I mention the DPC3939B but it doesnt seem to matter. From other posts, it seems all Comcast's business gatesays have this issue. Initially, the 3939B would not even respond to a ICMPV6 router solicitation or send ICMPV6 router advertisements. Following the advice of one knowledgable CSR, I performed a factory reset. This seemed to correct the ICMPV6 RA issue but traffic still would not route. The next call to support ordered the DPC3939B be replaced with a CBR.


The onsite tech would not replace my DPC3939B with a CBR citing my bandwidith was below 500Mbs. He replaced it with what he said was a Technicolor. The fact was he replaced it with another Cisco unit, DPC3941B. But as I said, any Comcast Business Gateway used as a replacement wouldnt matter. U


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DOCSIS Software Version:
Software Image Name: DPC3941B_3.9p32s1_PROD_sey