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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 2:00 PM

DPC3941B PD or Static Routes possible?

I'd like to finally get IPv6 running but keep having issues with Prefix Delegation. Is there a way to statically route blocks just like v4 routing? The DPC3941B will only take v4 static routes.


Say i want to static route 2603:310b:210e:2102::/63 to a router, and 2603:310b:210e:2104::/63 to another router. How can i do that?


Even if trying to use PD, it seems i can't set the hint or the prefix size, it always gives me a /59...


Can someone help with static? I'm open to getting another modem if the DPC3941B isn't fully baked.





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6 years ago

Hi gescarra.


I am not able to help with assigning your routers as that would be past our demarcation policy. However, I am able to verify you're using the correct prefix delegation and look into your gateway. Please private message me your full name, the full service address and the phone number associated with your account.