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Thursday, January 15th, 2015 4:00 PM

Re: True Bridge Mode request

​Hi John,​

​ ​

​Can you assist me in putting my SMC gateway in true bridged mode ?  I am having trouble with call in support. I turned of the firewall options, but suspected that NAT would still stay on which is affecting my voip phones in strange ways. I though it might have SIP ALG on, but something is still causing problems for my external router when it NATs. I assume in true bridged mode it will pass the Dynamic IP?  I don't have static.​

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8 years ago

Hello Pulse Supply and welcome,


If you are not using s staticIP address, how are you keeping your VOIP Server access by your SIP phones reaching it's consistent IP address? Your SIP phones must always contact your VOIP Server at a constant IP address. Therefore, if you are not using a static IP address, this will not be able to be performed.


Hope this helps you out.