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Wed, May 1, 2019 10:00 AM

You cannot stream Business TV without Xfinity business wifi - be aware before signing up!

Be awre when thinking of taking business TV with Comcast. Unless you also take business wifi then you can only view if sitting in front of the TV!  Of course no one points this out when signing up.

Although it says business customers can stream via a remote pc or apple device using the app, when you try to watch anything it says you must conenct to comcast wifi first.  If you don't have Comcast wifi then it limits your access to programming.  Not great for employees who want to watch TV during breaks on their pc. Waiting now on contract to be up so I can change providors.

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2 y ago

Hey there, CMPTX.


Thanks for visiting our Comcast Business Support Forum page. I'm sorry that you were not aware of needing our Business Internet when enrolling in X1 for business. Our site does state the following:

Restrictions apply.  Not available in all areas.  X1 for Business available with Comcast Business Standard TV and above.  Requires Comcast Business Internet service.  Not all programming available in all areas.  ©2019 Comcast.  All rights reserved.


If you need help or have further questions, please message me with your full name, address and, the phone number listed on your Comcast Business account. I'd love to help!