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Mon, Feb 1, 2021 2:00 PM

correct settings for Cisco DPC3939B modem to setup static IP's

It seems there is some conflict as to the correct setup for these Cisco DPC3939B modems to use the static IP's assigned to us.

Can someone give me the correct steps I need to follow in order to use my static IP's(5)?


1. Bridge Mode -- Full / Pseudo / Disable(current)

    which setting? what is pseudo mode?

2. Firewall - IP4

   Ck'ed - disable firewall for true static IP subnet only (current)

3. Security Level > Custom Security

   Do I disable entire firewall?


Were do I enter my LAN static IP information?

I assume I need to 'uncheck' Use DHCP(disable it)?


** I read a post that stated;

  If converted to true "bridge mode", the DPC3939B will lose the assigned IP's since the config file is no longer in place. Is this true?


Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


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