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Wed, Jun 20, 2012 6:00 AM

Static IP change

Recentlly, last night I had an issue with my comcast modem (SMC).   The support rep could not get it to work whether using my static IP's or plugged directly in using DHCP.


This morning DHCP directly off the SMC is working fine.   Computers and units that run off the static addresses do not work(note most of this are routers etc, not actual PC's).    I checked the IP of the SMC device and that has changed as well.


Does Comcast ever change your static IP's or do I need to have someone reprogram my SMC device properly? 





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9 y ago

Hello louie0202,


Welcome to the forum.


Regarding your inquiries, Comcast do not change static IPs unless specifically requested by customers.

Additionally, I can configure the IPGW with static IP for you.

Please send me the following information via private message (PM).


Account Information

Static IP Range


Thank You