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Mon, Sep 9, 2013 12:00 PM

(Newbie user): How to block internet traffic to web-based chat services (yahoo, gchat, etc)?

Hi all,


Apologies, I'm a non-technical manager, who wishes to restrict access to employees to web-based chat services such as yahoo web chat, gchat, msn chat, etc.


Is there any way to do this through COMCAST?

Thanks in advance.

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9 years ago

Hello gwmproperties,


Welcome to the forum.

To your query please use following steps to setup Web Site Blocking on the Comcast IP-Gateway.


Log in to the Comcast Business Gateway by entering

The Comcast Business IP-Gateway screen will display.

Enter the following default username and password so that you can access the feature setup screens:
• The default username is cusadmin.
• The default password is highspeed.


After you have logged in to the Comcast Business IP Gateway:

  • Click on "Firewall" menu
  • Click on "Web Site Blocking" tab
  • Check Enable Web Site Blocking.
  • In the New Key Word/URL field, enter either the full Web site address (e.g.,“”) to block a specific Web site or enter a key word to block all addresses containing that word.
  • Click add. The key word or Web site address will appear in the Blocked Key Words/URLs list.

Please note that you can only set up to 10 blocking rules.


For additional information this our overview article of the IP-Gateway.


Thank you