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Sunday, August 9th, 2015 4:00 PM

I need my ip block routed to me

Is there anyway I can get a /30 on my WAN and then get my /28 routed to me via that /30 I need another subnet for my servers for security reasons.

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9 years ago

Hi again jvwjgames,


If you currently have a /30 static IP you can certainly upgrade to a /29 (5 Block for $24.95) or /28 (13 block for $39.95). Always when any customer upgrades there static IP both you old and new are concurrently operations for a 7 business time period after your new static IP is loaded into your Comcast Gateway (CG). Unfortunately, there is no means by which you can keep your old static IP after the new upgrade static IP is loaded into your CG past the concurrent 7 business migration timeframe.


Hope this helps you out.