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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 7:00 PM

Comcast Business Modem, Static IP and Unifi VPN


I'll start by saying I know enough to be dangerous, but I'm definitely not a pro at this stuff.

I run a small business, which means I'm also my own IT guy. I use Unifi networking gear downstream of the modem and at one of my sites I recently had to reset a modem that hasn't been touched in 18 months. Previously, I was able to use my Unifi remote VPN to access this site, but it is now blocked.


Nothing has changed on the Unifi end. On the modem I have set it for pass-through mode (I think) - I have been told Bridge Mode won't work, and that to place it into pass-through mode I simply needed to turn off the Firewall altogether, "Disable Firewall for True Static IP" is checked, and disable DHCP (which was because of the static IP). 


What am I missing?

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4 years ago

Hello, how are you? I hope your night is going well. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. It's ideal for your modem to be in bridge mode and for the firewall in the modem to be turned off. This is perfect! If I were in this same scenario I would test the website without using the VPN. If this allows you to reach the website I would then reset the modem, router (or firewall), and computers and go from there. If push comes to shove test with a device connected directly to the modem to make sure your internet service is working right.