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Thursday, July 19th, 2018 1:00 PM

Comcast Blocked domain &, unable to access with Comcast



I contacted Support earlier today and the rep said he opened a ticket to Teir 2 support for investigation. I have the ticket number and IP Address of domain too if needed in a Private Message. 


So the summary of the problem is this:


Comcast Internet users cannot access and (NS servers hosted by Bluehost).


NonComcast ISP users (such as LTE AT&T/Verizon/TMobile/CenturyLink) can access the domain (and ip address) just fine so thankfully business can sort of go on for the two buildings. Emails are accessible via NonComcast ISPs. 


Bluehost has checked twice on thier end- there is NO Blocking or Restricting of Comcast IP Addresses (mines included).


The access problem is only with Comcast Internet- So I am asking Comcast to allow full access to domain and IP Address. Comcast Reps are also unable to access domain and IP from their locations either via Comcast broadband. 


For the record:


I am one of the ( admins, Comcast mistakenly blocked a legit business website and mail server that is used for conducting day to day communication and business between residential and commercial tenants, construction vendors, engineers, city civil planning, fire, & police department and various private businesses in the city of Bellevue. Please unblock this domain so that business can be conducted unimpeded.


And you guys also impeded business with (I'm also the admin for that account too) when you blocked domain & mail servers. 


Had a chat with your Comcast Security Assurance team, another trouble ticket and another day of waiting? Whatever happened to taking time to investigate a domain before passing judgement on it and butting into business operations & construction? What's wrong with Comcast?

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6 years ago

Hi alvint. I currently see we're working with you on a social media platform. Please continue there to have this addressed.