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Fri, Nov 22, 2013 4:00 PM

Changing DNS entries

We are trying to add several A records to our DNS in preparation to change the MX record.  However, the changes we are making are not being propagated.  Also, if I ping I get a reply but there is no mail. record in the DNS table I see under my website control panel.


How do I get my changes to propagate?  I have seen several comments about "legacy" and "vanity" domains having issues.  How do I determine if we have one of these & how do I get the DNS changed if we do?


We called tech support but they were useless & are now waiting "up to 48 hours" for a call back from tier 2.  I really don't have 48 hours to waist on this project right now.  We are supposed to be cutting over to the new mail server on Monday.

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9 years ago

Hello snsi,


Welcome to the forum.

Based on your post it appears you do have a "legacy" platform domain.

To make any entry changes it would require a "tier 2 " assistance.


Please send me the following information so I can check it and assist:

1. Your full name & account number

2. Domain name

3. DNS entry changes needed.


Thank you