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Thu, Mar 5, 2015 3:00 PM

2nd Staic IP



We may need a second static IP saddress allocated for our account.  I think our account is currently a single IP address account but we really don't need 5.  I also want to be sure that adding a second IP won't interfere with our existing IP address as doing so will cause a complete email outage with one of our current customers.  Information would appreciated.


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6 years ago

Unfortunately, the only options are 1 address, 5 addresses, or 13 addresses. As well, changing from 1 to 5 will result in you being assigned a completely new IP block; it is not possible to retain the old single address.

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6 years ago

Hello jmazurek and welcome,


Yes, train_wreck's post is 100% correct and when you upgrade from 1 to 5, there will be a 7 business day period where both your 1 and 5 static IPs will be simultaneously running on your Comcast Gateway. This will provide you time to make the current single to one of the new 5 block transition. This mirgration timeframe usually begins when you receive you new Comcast static 5 block email address.


Hope this helps you out, too.