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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 4:00 AM

Worst Website Ever

We manage over 100 business accounts. Your website was poorly designed to begin with but it has become unbearable to operate. It takes 3 clicks of the location from the drop down menu to get the account to actually change. Keep in mind we have over 100 accounts so paging down through that terrible menu list multiple times to get the website to respond is absolutely unacceptable. Your web designers have clearly failed to actually test and navigate the website. You want bills to shift to electronic delivery but you offer no incentive to do so. It is easier for me to receive bills via USPS than to even bother logging into this abhorent website. When will you pay attention to the details enough to actually serve your customers? I would rather pay Verizon more just to make my business processes easier. 

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3 years ago

Hi! Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to reach out to Comcast! You have reached the right place for help! My name is Gabriel and I am with the Comcast Corporate Digital Care team. We are a Digital Care team of expert specialists who are dedicated to assisting customers with all aspects of their services! We are doing our very best to respond as quickly as possible during these challenging times. It is known that there may be delayed responses. However, the best thing about contacting Comcast through this outlet is you can always go about your day instead of waiting on hold and we can always pick from where we left off at any time of the day!


We appreciate your feedback and business for over 100 accounts! We are lucky to have you! I will make sure to pass it along! Without your feedback, we would not be able to strive in ensuring that your experience is our number one product!  I am sorry to learn that you have had this experience with our website. Have you tried downloading our Comcast Business app yet? Our aim will always be to provide you with digital options that make managing your account simple and easy! You can set up notifications for when your bill is ready, monitor, change your phone service, settings, features, and information including Call History, Voicemail Inbox, Be Anywhere, Privacy, and Call Forwarding. There is a ton of great self-help stuff on that app! You can troubleshoot your services, request help, set up one-time automatic post-dated payments, and manage your plan! My cousin uses this app for her business in California all the time! She absolutely loves how convenient it is for paying bills and checking statements on the go! You can access more information on our business app through this link It's a great addition to our business services, as well as the guaranteed speed levels and the great support from our business teams!