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Monday, January 17th, 2022 5:03 PM


We moved our office location in August of 2021.  Apparently at that time we were to have received new equipment and return the old which no one ever told us, we were told to bring it to the new location.  Additionally our suite number was incorrect.  I was told we would have to create a new account to update the suite number and initiate the technician visit to switch out the equipment.  The order was submitted incorrectly and our rep Brandon Stewart had to redo the order.  Our TV streaming stopped working after the first mishap.  He stated he redid the order but NO ONE has called to come out.  This all started the end of November approx.  Brandon is not returning my calls or emails.  After several hours of calling Comcast I was told the only person who could "unlock" the status of our account is Brandon's supervisor Stacatto Mosley. I just left my 3rd message for him this morning, he has not returned my call.

We have 3 account numbers, 2 are inactive, one only shows limited service.  THANK GOODNESS WE HAVE SERVICE! We are a MEDICAL OFFICE!  I am beyond frustrated.  HELP!   I will be moving forward with terminating service if I can't get this resolved this week.

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2 years ago

@user_70dc1a Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I am sorry about these issues! Please send a direct message, we will be happy to help you. Thanks!